Sport Jokes!

Hello Comedy Control fans,

cc sport

On this page we have only the best, funniest sport jokes! Hope you enjoy them!

Joke 1: What’s the difference between Spurs and A taxi?

A taxi only let’sin 4, but Spurs let in millions!

Joke 2: What did the coach say to the vending machine?                    

Give me my quarter back!

Joke 3: 

A young man was playing a round of golf. When he was playing an old man came along and said “Can I join in?” And the younger man said “Yes… Of course!” When they got to the last hole they were drawing. This was the hardest hole of the course. There was a tree near the  hole. The old man said ” When I was your age, I could hit the ball over that tree!” So the younger man said “Well, If you can do it then I’m sure I can!” So the younger man hits his ball and it get’s stuck in the tree. Then the old man says “But when I was your age that tree was only an inch tall!”

Joke 4:

A man went to the doctors and said ” Doctor help me! I keep playing soccer in my sleep!” So the Doctor said, take these pills, they will make you sleep better!” Then the man said “but I can’t! Tonight is the final game!”

Joke 5:

Why did the golfer where 2 pairs of pants?

In case he got a hole in one!


3 Responses to Sport Jokes!

  1. judisue says:

    The Jesus joke is funny to me although it might be offensive to some people. On the whole though: GOOD JOKES!!! Keep them coming! 😀

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